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What is PSA Epicenter?

The PSA Epicenter is an innovative, specialty outpatient clinic designed to meet the needs of individuals who have experienced their first psychotic break. We provide comprehensive, early psychosis intervention treatment in a friendly, community setting—not a sterile, medical environment. Our rapid response, multi-pronged approach helps prevent the escalation of symptoms and
can dramatically improves results.

Who can PSA Epicenter help?

If an individual is experiencing symptoms of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking or unusual behaviors, Early psychosis intervention therapy at PSA Epicenter can provide the hope, support and treatment needed to move forward on the path to recovery. We typically help young people and adults who have had their first episode of psychosis within the past five years and have average cognitive ability.


How is the PSA Epicenter funded?

PSA Epicenter was created with support and guidance from Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care as a unique approach to providing mental health services through the use of federal funds, state block grants, local community grants and private donations.
 PSA Epicenter treats individuals who are covered by or eligible for Medicaid, or private pay sliding scale.

What services are available for early psychosis intervention?

The services provided at PSA Epicenter are evidenced-based and client-centered to meet the unique goals of each individual. Services offered include:

• Individualized planning & goal setting

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Individual and group counseling

• Family psychoeducation

• Metacognitive remediation

• Supported employment & education services

• Psychiatric evaluations

• Medication management


Does PSA Epicenter provide general mental health/substance abuse services?

Behavioral health assessments, therapy and crises assistance are available for all general mental health/substance abuse (GMSHA) individuals who are outside the EPI model criteria.


Who provides treatment at PSA Epicenter?

PSA Epicenter’s services and treatment are delivered by our multidisciplinary, professionally trained staff. Our full team includes:

• Master/Doctorate-level Licensed Professional & Associate Clinicians

• Nurse Practitioners

• Supported Employment/Education 

• Peer Support Specialists

• Ad hoc Community Services Leaders 
as needed